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Prodin Business Solutions develops, sells, implements and manages Prodin-P3.
Our ERP-solution is designed specifically for (technical) trade companies, (client order managed) production and assembly companies as well as service and maintenance companies.


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Prodin Business Solutions sells, implements and manages Stratix.

Stratix is an ERP-solution specifically designed for the steel and metal industry and is developed based on the metal industry’s specific requirements.


We provide implementations of Stratix in Europe and the United States for our Canadian partner Invera.
In addition to implementation we offer Stratix helpdesk support.


For more information on Stratix we gladly refer to the Invera website.

If you would like to know what Stratix can do for your organisation, please contact us.


StreamServe offers you the optimal solution for your communication when conducting business relationships and communicating with employees. All business documents in the formatting required by the recipient can be sent through StreamServe communication channels as well as the application of your corporate style and company logo, use of photos and bar coding. Email, fax, SMS, PDF and of course paper can all be used as a communication medium.


Prodin Business Solutions has a reseller agreement with StreamServe, the global market leader in software solutions for Dynamic Document Composition, Management and Delivery. This enables clients to automatically compose, personalise and distribute client focused documents, in any format and through any distribution channel.


The reseller agreement is in line with the existing OEM cooperation between both companies. As an OEM partner, Prodin Business Solutions integrated the StreamServe-solution several years ago in its ERP-solution Prodin, due to which Prodin users already benefit from the wide functionality of the StreamServe software. The reseller agreement means that Prodin Business Solutions can also supply the StreamServe software as a separate solution to clients.


“Reliable output management of physical and digital documents is increasingly more important for companies”, says Henk van Heemskerk, director of Prodin Business Solutions. “In this way, we can optimally serve clients needs and arrange their company processes very efficiently. In the past, Prodin has already helped Prodin users in this respect thanks to the integration of StreamServe in its ERP package. With this reseller agreement, we can now also serve clients with other ERP systems or automation environments and ensure a completely functional system that is fully focused on the client’s requirements and wishes.”


If you would like to know what StreamServe can do for your organisation, please contact us.